Connecting Schools


Connecting Schools offers your school an opportunity to connect to different schools of India and overseas; with an aim to support each other in the teaching - learning process and develop strategies for the betterment of the teachers and students.


The schools of the network are eligible to sign up for the Connecting Schools initiative. They will have to submit the online request form furnishing basic information about the School they are working or intent to connect with. The various ways to connect is via Teachers pairing and Students pairing. Relevant projects would be mutually agreed upon between both the paired school teams.

Request to connect

Application form for Connecting Schools

School Leaders Network™

I hereby declare that all the information provided above is true to my knowledge. The School Leaders Network™ is not responsible for any liability caused due to the programmes. We understand that we will need to be a member of the School Leaders Network™ to avail the priviledges of Connecting Schools programme

** Note: Kindly note that the School Leaders Network™ will not be responsible for any liability caused due to the "connecting schools" initiative undertaken by both the paired schools teams.

Connecting Leaders

Leaders are paired to work for each other's school improvement using the principles of system leadership. It will help in developing the skills and knowledge of the learners empowering them to effectively execute school-wide transformation and cater to the needs of the students.

The various ways to connect leaders of the Network are mentioned as follows:

• Individual learning
(developing a School Development Committee within the school.)
• Group Learning
(meet-ups, conferences, sharing best practices, access to trend updates, school visits, e-learning)
• Paired Learning
(specific & structured improvement programmes and exchange partnerships)

Partners in vision